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Follow the Flavors... There is a renaissance and optimism that fill the largest Mediterranean island. Gone are the days of secrecy and hardship.


Sicily is the new Amalfi coast…..the interior hills are as stunning as Tuscany, the food is as beautiful of other areas of Italy but seems fresher, tastier and more abundant. You will savor authentic specialties that have been handed down for generations. From panelle, arancini, and cannoli – to almond biscuits and Marsala wines. Plus, you’ll also be treated to making authentic in Sicily’s oldest chocolate town of Modica. Sicilians aren’t shy about piling their plates and more over sharing their lust for good and simple things of life.

This island is packed with architectural treasures that have withstood the ages, baroque white icing covers not just Palermo’s ornate city of piazzas, palazzo, and churches it covers towns like Noto and Ragusa. Valley of the Temples in Agrigento with its Greek structures that have miraculously endured 24 centuries, the iconic baroque St. George Cathedral and Ibla district of Ragusa, and the famous mosaic-tiled Staircase of Santa Maria del Monte in Caltagirone.

There are Agriturismo countryside mansions set in the vineyards or edible gardens, complete with pools and amazing kitchens. Then comes Holy smoke….Mount Etna, Sicily’s smoldering beauty that offers so much of life to its earth. She is Sicily’s heart.  


  • Olive oil tasting at Frantoi Cutrera along with their wide variety of products linked to their lands

  • Cannoli making class in Piana degli Albanesi. No Sicilian would fill a cannoli until it is time to eat it.

  • Meet the puppet maker, a tradition steeped in Sicilian culture to carry the stories of invaders, the knights and lovers.  The cultural depths of “opera dei pupi” comes alive in Sicily.

  • Learn about the Sicilian Black Bees who have been around for millennia.

  • Walk among the amazing mosaics at Villa Casale, a Roman gem Piazza Armerina

  • Wonder the market of Ballaro in Palermo and eat street food in Catania

  • Taste Cipollina at Bar Mazzini for breakfast and swoon!

  • Trek up to Mount Etna on that black rock that is scattered about the island.

  • Head to Palmento Terre Costantino, the family grows exclusively native Etna varieties white skinned Carricante and Caterratto grapes making the most delicious wines and to Palmento Contanza on the north slopes.

  • Wake up to a sunrise over Taormina.

Boxed Suggestions

Fontes Episcopi Countryside Resort nestled in their vineyards…plus a dinner from their kitchen and wood-burning ovens can be unmatched.

Stay and discover the charms of Relais & Chateaux Monaci delle Terre Nere and their amazing orchards sitting on the slopes of Mount Etna.

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