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To capture the historic mystery of Venice one must experience the sensual and unique splendor during the amazing Carnival of Venice.


This is the time when the famed Venetian masks leave their hanging places on the walls, when the streets and canals of Venice are transformed by imagination and costumes of every kind. Magnificent processions, masquerades, traditional ceremonies, music and all-round festivities fill the canals, squares and palaces of this ancient city. Join us for a dazzling adventure filled with musicians, acrobats, and revelers!


Leaving Venice we’ll take to touring the beautiful hill country of Veneto for the flavors of Prosecco, Soave and Amarone. Framed by the Dolomites, it is a place of peace, tranquility, natural beauty that offers the microclimates for producing delicious wines. We will visit enchanting Asolo, the pearl of Veneto. Then journey the Prosecco Route for bubbles and spectacular views of the surrounding countryside which have inspired poets and writers over the centuries. Your time here will provide you with memories that will last a lifetime.


  • Following Casanova and Goethe into one of Europe's greatest Café Florian.

  • Attend the Balo de Doge in a fitted costume and gilded mask.

  • The Rialto market in Campo Beccarie or the colorful fish market of Chioggia.

  • The most beautiful living room in Europe, so Napoleon described Piazza San Marco.

  • Learn firsthand about the hour of the ombra, the glass of wine drunk with friends    before lunch or dinner. Find the best Bacari around Rialto.

  • With 400 bridges to cross, some grand and some tiny, like the one to Palazzo Tiepolo, Venice is the city of bridges.

  • Don’t miss Bortolomiol Winery and all female led winery and explore their Parco della Filandetta.

  • Order gianduia ice cream - chocolate and hazelnut topped with whipped cream.

  • Drive to the top for Col Vetoraz and be rewarded with the stunning Valdobbiadene vineyard landscapes.

Boxed Suggestions

Stay at Palazzo Venart, a Venetian palace that has been restored to reflect the history, elegance and spirit of the City of Water.

Don’t miss the elegance of Fondaco dei Tedeschi in a Renaissance icon landmark.

Sleep in the vineyards at Venissa Wine Resort on the Isola di Mazzorbo with the only native grapes of Venetian Lagoon.

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