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Combine Valrhona’s Ecole du Grand Chocolat and Northern Rhone Wines for a sublime taste !


Richly historic, and steeped in gastronomic traditions, this fascinating valley should be on the itinerary of every food enthusiast visiting France.  From the steep, sun-baked slopes of the Cote Rotie to the historic hill of Hermitage, the northern Rhone is known as one of the greatest red wine region of France. The distinctive and deep-flavored reds are made from one grape: the ancient Syrah.  This is also a mecca for serious chocolate lovers! Indeed, Valrhona chocolate is referred to as 'grand cru' in recognition of the superior cocoa used. The closely guarded recipes - has its own unique taste as deep and complex as any fine wine.


Join us for a three day professional dip into the best chocolate in the world!  Our course, touches on all aspects of cooking with chocolate is aimed at both the professional and non-professional. Ecole du Grand Chocolat has been host to pastry chefs and bakers, chocolate confectioners, ice cream makers, and restaurant professionals. Chocolate has been magic and mysterious for a long time.  Today Valrhona continues the precious and mysterious tradition.


  • From our base at a lovely French chateau we will be within an easy drive to the vineyards and  our professional seminars at the institute.

  • Vineyard visits with names like Guigel, Alain Graillot and Paul Jaboulet

  • Cruise down the Rhone seeing the dominating vineyards on either side Crozès l’Hermitage and  Tain l’Hermitage

  • Enjoy succulent French cuisine while visiting Vienne, home to the second largest Roman theater in France

  • See Condrieu and St Vallier, with Diane de Poitiers’ castle.

  • Learn the differences of Criollo, Forastero and Trinitario

  • Discover Valrhona’s secrets for their highly technical recipes

  • Be taught new concepts in exceptional chocolate production and pastry

  • Become skilled in chocolate’s affinity with fruit, spices,and.dried fruits.

  • Graduation dinner will be held at the famous La Maison PIC in Valence

Boxed Suggestions

Pre and Post adventures in Avignon or Lyon!

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