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Stampe A Mano

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a love of linens. Fine quality of both table and bed linens fill a closet in my home. I remember the first time I slipped between the sheets at Villa Magna in Madrid, they made a big impression. I remember and still have the Italian linen bedsheets I bought in Venice at 15 years old for my hope chest. I remember out maneuvering a famous writer in a linen shop in Brindisi for a set of Frette that were on sale.

Timeless Italian linen all hand printed from Emilia Romagna are not easy to come by. But when I saw this unique apron – it had to be mine, but I also wanted to know the story it carried with it.

Xylography is an artistic technique in printmaking. Here block printing has been revived, it never really went away as the Pascucci family has been guarding the craft for seven generations since 1826. And still today bring this tradition to life with an eye on traditional and innovative modern flair. And the Bertozzi family since 1920 have created artisanal linens. Their rich creations are fixed using their very own unique method. A combination of steam and water, driven by solar power, offers unrivaled durability and ecological sensitivity.

Hand carved stamps of pear wood are used to decorate linen fabrics for the kitchen, the table and fashion. Most of the designs for generations were flowers, grapes, leaves, grains, and now some contemporary or holiday designs are available.

For me it is the traditional rust color of earth tones, made by blending iron oxide, wheat flour and vinegar. The formula is of course, each family’s secret. But I know that the stamped design is set with caustic soda to make it strong and washable. The linens are also treated to repel oil and wine, which is perfect for any Italian kitchen and table.

Bertozzi since 1920

Pascucci Stampate a Mano since 1826

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