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The Catalan region of France is as vibrant as the colorful gold and red flag. Historically and flavorfully there are culinary treasures in each territory worth exploring.


A generous region of wines ….. from the mountains to the sea there are vines planted. Vines, almond trees, olive trees cover nearly every square inch of Languedoc-Roussillon! This region enjoys 300 days of sunshine, excellent both for humans and the vines.

There is so much to discover from Montpellier to Carcassonne to the dreamy Canal de Midi it stretches from snow-capped Pyrenees to the sandy shore of the Mediterranean. Not to be missed are Pont du Gard and the medieval castles plus the Spanish border is so close as this was the territory of the Kings of Majorca.

The wines of the region are under the banner of Sud France. With nearly 80 wines bearing the label of origin, red, white roses, sparkling like Blanquette de Limoux and even sweet wines of cellars in Banvuls. Every day you can drink a different wine as there are so many.


  • Truffle hunt from Cabardes to Uzes and savor the Camargue’s nutty rice, little known outside of France.

  • A must is going to Collioure, the seaside town is flooded with sparkling sunlight and awash in color - a dream for artists and many were there.

  • Take a slow and serene barge trip along the Canal du Midi

  • Let yourself be carried away with the songs of the summer cicades

  • Savor a Cassoulet in Carcassonne cooked in the traditional earthenware bowl.

  • Visit the oldest salt marsh in the Mediterranean

  • Don’t miss Sete and its water jousting tournaments in the towns canals

  • Montpellier’s botanical history starts the first University of Medicine

  • Nimes bull fighting ring, a tradition from the 9th century.

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